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Current karaoke venues

Below are the current venues where Karaoke Addiction PDX is hosting karaoke:

The Firkin Tavern 

The Firkin Tavern hosts Karaoke Addiction PDX on Sunday nights from 8 PM to midnight and Thursday nights from 9 PM to 1 AM.  The Firkin is a no-nonsense neighborhood bar featuring a raised stage, a pool table and a heated, covered patio.  There are no high-falutin' types here. And the acoustics for karaoke are awesome!

1937 SE 11th Ave 

Portland, OR 

(503) 206-7552

 West Linn Saloon

Saturday night at the West Linn Saloon is when the karaoke crowd collects in the historic Willamette district of West Linn. Starting at 9 PM and going till 1AM, Karaoke Addiction PDX collects a very diverse group of singers.  There are also darts, pool, shuffleboard and electronic golf.

1731 Willamette Falls Drive

West Linn, OR


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